Cave Rock Lake Tahoe

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 Cave Rock Lake Tahoe

Cave Rock Lake Tahoe 2014/Lake Tahoe, Douglas County, Nevada, United States/Stunning views of Cave Rock and Lake Tahoe… enjoy!A unique flight featuring close proximity approach from the backside… see an ancient Bristlecone Pine tree close-up where no hikers have gone before then proceed to fly just a few feet over the peak of Cave Rock overlooking spectacular views of the jewel of the Western world- Lake Tahoe.This large rock formation is located on the southeastern shore and is easily visible from almost any point on the lake. When Lake Tahoe was first formed, roughly three million years ago, lake level was initially hundreds of feet higher than it is now. Remarkably, these caves were carved out of the rock by wave action of the lake over tens of thousands of years during that period!Cave Rock is still considered a sacred site for the Washoe Indians whose ancestors spent their summers at Lake Tahoe and once performed religious ceremonies inside the largest of the caves. At the time of this flight, rock climbers and hikers were banned from the rock out of respect for the Washoe tribes which made seeing it close-up even more special. This may have since changed.If it is now legal to access, please be careful if you hike to the peak. It is a treacherous scramble over loose rocks to gain access, according to hiker/blogger Stephen Berei who lives close by. See his pictures and blog at the link provided below: