Aerial of Namikango

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Aerial of Namikango

Aerial of Namikango // Malawi, Africa Namikango, Thyolo District, Southern Region, Malawi is a beautiful place. We are so lucky to have gone to this country and shot film for the Namikango Mission. In this video, we highlight the beautiful and diverse landscape of southeastern Malawi from the air. This perspective is definitely our favorite when it comes to capturing scenery. Together, our team is excited to release this first video of three. This short teaser video will give you and idea of what Malawi looks like. Be sure to stay tuned for the other videos which will show the history of Namikango and what’s ahead for the mission. We have several interviews with the people and staff that work with Namikango Mission. What they have to say about this wonderful place is worth the wait!

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