Åkrehamn strand

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Åkrehamn strand

Åkrehamn strand Dji Phantom on the beach Norway,Åkrehamn A flight tour with my dji phantom 2 vision plus at The beach. Boat Chasing and 360 degree view from the beach and home town Please enjoy and share this video Music used: bullet train (feat. Joni Fatora) Lyric Like a, Like a, Like a Bullet train Moving like the speed of Sound Feet can´t Keep on the ground Can´t Stay in one place Keep moving like a bullet train (repeat) like, like like a bullet train like, like like a bullet train ´Cause i Can´t stop time You keep blurring in my mind And space is undefined These tracks left behind We Cant stay the same Can´t stop this train I can´t find the breaks on this bullet train Video credits : Jacob Ng music credits : facebook.com/StephenSwartzMusic/ Enjoy the view and share/like for more videos.On the west coast of the island, facing the North Sea, lies Åkrehamn, a small fishing town with attractive sandy beaches and smooth rocky shoreline. People here have always been associated with the sea and the fishing industry, being so close to the ocean. At one time, old Åkra municipality was the largest fishing district in Norway, and active fisheries still exist. From the old harbour with its quaint wooden houses, local boats still visit the fishing grounds every morning. Catches are delivered to the merchants later in the day, and visitors can often buy fresh fish, shrimp and crab on the quay.

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