Alindahaw Lakeview Resort

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Alindahaw Lakeview Resort

Lakewood, Zamboanga Peninsula, Philippines. Located 49 kilometers off Pagadian City Alindahaw Lakeview Resort is more than just a “lake of woods.”An adventure to Lakewood is best if one reaches the site shortly before the sun sets. Golden yellow radiance complements the various shapes of cloud making the whole episode a picture perfect beauty.On nightfall, the serenity is disturbed by the croaking of frogs and creaking of crickets. One can feel the cool mountain breeze during the setting of a new day and witness the fog slowly settles down the lake from the nearby mountains. If one is lucky, the lake is still at night that it looks entirely a thin mirror facing the night sky.The Alindahaw Lakeview Resort is an eco-friendly tourism destination in Zamboanga del Sur. It nestled on a strategic location besides the 722 hectare enchanted lake believed to be the home of the folkloric Purang fishes that continues to astound residents of its mystical stories.The lake has a life of its own which resembles to a sea with waves when it rains or at times, fantastically serene at night that only the fog that comes down to the lake heightens its stillness to resemble a huge mirror slabs that at times, serves as a huge reflecting canvass of a calm night's sky.Enjoying the great vista, the Alindahaw Lakeview Resort boasts of an unimpeded view of the entire lake. Designed to complement the lake's wide open space, the resort tailor-made its infinity pools to engage rather than intrude nature. A dip at the pools and the infinity disco pool reminds one of the stillness of the waters and the swim relaxing that truly symbolizes the power of water and the other elements.With 23 fully-furbished rooms that has romantic lakeview vista, guests are a once-in-a-lifetime lakeview experience. Homegrown and organically-sourced vegetables that go to the kitchen are filling the hungered stomach at the Lakeview Resto.

Byder Sariol