Ambuluwawa Temple

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Ambuluwawa Temple

Ambuluwawa - Sri Lanka - Areal Video - අම්බුළුවාව - Ambuluwawa Temple lies 3567 feet above sea level. Gampola, Central Province, Sri Lanka. The exceptional feature of this rock is that it has not been covered by any other range of mountains and is open on every direction.The Ambuluwawa mountain in Gampola is well known amongst locals, and its unmistakable presence marks a familiar landmark characterising the region. Wherever you may go in the bustling town, Ambuluwawa looms in the distance. It is almost a symbolic part of the daily lives of the people, so much so that the expression, “you are having a serving of rice the size of Ambuluwawa!” has been in use to remark on voracious appetites. Gampola is also a region entrenched in history which rose to become a kingdom and capital of the country under the rule of King Buwanekabahu IV in the 13th Century AD.Since the recent past, Ambuluwawa mountain has received a new phase of existence to complement its many attributes. Today its peak bears an unusual structure, that takes a spiralling white and peculiar form. Veiled in mist, it is a picture of surrealism. The ‘stupa’ is one of the many features that can be witnessed at this plateau. Endowed with a rich biodiversity and rising to a height of approximately 1,065 feet from the town it additionally acquires great depths of views that can be enjoyed along its ascent. With much to appreciate, it has now been transformed to a miscellany of activities with built sites, to make the most of the rare experience it has to offer. Height - 365 feet Directions: Kandy to Gampola - 21.8 km Gampola to Ambuluwawa - 6 km Video: DJI Phantom 3 Camera. Ambuluwawa Temple - aerial perspective imagery by drone