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Anguilla aerial view

Anguilla aerial view - tranquility wrapped in blue Crocus Bay Road, Crocus Hill, Anguilla/A small sample of Anguilla's beautiful coastline shot from the air using a GoPro Hero 3+ attached to a DJI Phantom 2./Anguilla has 33 pristine beaches and over twelve miles of stunning, white powder sand and tranquil waters ranging from aquamarine to cobalt blue. All of Anguilla’s beaches are public, uncrowded and unspoiled. Every cove, bay and stretch of sand is marked by unique characteristics, such as rock and coral formations and picturesque tropical plants. There is a beach for everyone, for every kind of beach day, for every mood./Produced by Larry Stott and Track: Synthia by Scott & Brendo (Scott Winn and Brenden Bytheway)Follow picturethisanguilla on Facebook: . Anguilla aerial view - the best aerial videos


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