Around Moab

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Around Moab

Around Moab Utah in 4k From the Air - Shot in and around Moab, Utah using a custom Skyjib octocopter platform. Video was filmed in 4K and edited in Adobe Premiere. This was filmed in May 2014 before the official ban on flying in National Parks. **Please note, we maintain a flight policy to avoid fly directly over anyone. In the few shots containing people who may appear to be standing close to the helicopter/camera, they are not directly under the craft. Also, anyone who appears to be even somewhat close to the helicopter/camera was talked to before hand to ask their permission for us to fly in proximity, as well as to advise them of our desired flight path. I strongly recommend fellow multirotor pilots not to fly over events, crowds, or densely populated urban areas. And if you intend to fly in even remote proximity to a person or persons, make sure they have given express permission and been advised of the flight path.** Around Moab - the best aerial videos

Octocopter Pilot - Ian Cresswell
Octocopter Engineer - Bert McMahan
Gimbal Pilot - Tim Harley
Ground Station - Owen Herndon

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