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Besneeuwde Utrechtse Heuvelrug

Besneeuwde Utrechtse Heuvelrug – Special thanks to my friends at for keeping me airborn. Footage filmed with my DJI Phantom 4 Wikipedia on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug: Utrecht Hill Ridge is a ridge of low sandhills that stretches in a direction

publish 15/02/2017 499
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Winterse Boswachterij Staphorst

Winterse Boswachterij Staphorst     Winterse dronebeelden Boswachterij Staphorst/De Zwarte Dennen, Punthorst, Netherlands (description below) Many thanks to my good friends at for keeping me airborn! Wikipedia: De Boswachterij Staphorst

publish 17/01/2017 141
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Utrecht Centraal Station Stadsplateau nachts

Utrecht Centraal Station Stadsplateau nachts     Utrecht Centraal Station, Hoog-Catharijne CS en Leidseveer, Utrecht, The Netherlands/(scroll down for description) Thanks to for keeping me airborn! / don’t make magic

publish 28/12/2016 109
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Waterliniemuseum Fort bij Vechten

Waterliniemuseum Fort bij Vechten Roman fortress Castellum Fectio and „Fort bij Vechten” by drone.Waterliniemuseum Fort bij Vechten, Marsdijk, Bunnik, Netherlands/ In Waterliniemuseum Fort bij Vechten ontdek je van alles over de verdediging van Ned

publish 04/12/2016 81
Westbroekpark video

Westbroekpark video Den Haag, Westbroekpark, Rosarium en de Nieuwe Badkapel by Drone/Westbroekpark, Hague, Netherlands/ (Video description below) Special thanks to my friends at for keeping me airborn! This video was shot entirely with a DJI Phant

publish 20/11/2016 114
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Experience Island

Experience Island The JBL, Coronel Paris-Dakar event at Experience Island in Loon op Zand/Experience Island, Baan achter de Plakken, Loon op Zand, Netherlands/Professional race car drivers and celebrities Tom and Tim Coronel hosted this event for the staff of

publish 18/11/2016 177
Giant Eneco Windmills

Giant Eneco Windmills     DJI Phantom 2, 200m High Flight Around The Giant Eneco Windmills in Houten, Netherlands/High flying around the windmills of Houten and the Amsterdam Rijnkanaal. It was an amazing day to fly. The weather was a bit windy but c

publish 23/04/2015 70
Heemstede Castle

Heemstede Castle     DJI Phantom 2, Flight over Heemstede Castle/Phanos NV, Heemsteedseweg, Houten, Netherlands Heemstede Castle, locally known as Kasteel Heemstede, lies in a field west of the town of Houten, in the Utrecht province in the Netherlan

publish 19/04/2015 64

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