Barcelona Сity of Dreams

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Barcelona Сity of Dreams

Barcelona Сity of Dreams - Official Barcelona In few other cities is it possible to walk from spectacular location to spectacular location. I had a fantastic time adventuring around Barcelona's winding streets making this film. Music parts: E.S. Posthumus – Arise Extra special thanks to: Nadya Degtyarenko Nicolás O. Pascual, Oleg Salimov Ngizau Kuhamba (Anton) Technical: Dji Phantom 2 GoPro 3+ Black Edition Zenmuse H3-2D Software: PremiereCS6, After Effects, Davinci Resolve 10 Directed by Sergey Fedkevich Color Grading – Sergey Kaspriv Сontacts for cooperation : #Barcelona #Travels #Tourism #gopro #Spain #life #CityBarcelona #aerial


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