Berjaya Langkawi Hotel

Berjaya Langkawi Hotel

Berjaya Langkawi Hotel. Set amidst lush tropical rainforest, yet just steps away from azure waters and a gorgeous beachfront, Berjaya Langkawi Resort is an invitation to a magical sojourn all wrapped up in nature’s gifts. 

Langkawi Berjaya Hotel & Resort | Aerial Views.. Langkawi - a beautiful island in Malaysia and also a perfect option for a short getaway. This video shows different aerial views that you will see at the Berjaya Resort in Langkawi. The hotel was totally worth the visit, I specially enjoyed staying in a cabin by the sea - waking up to such a view was a unique experience. The opening scenes show the cabin I stayed at - awesome, right? Here’s what I did during my stay in Pulau Langkawi: Rented a car, drove dozens of kms a day around the island, went to the skybridge, visited the seven wells waterfall and tried to get tanned but failed miserably (hence the sunburn). That’s pretty much it. Oh, and ate a LOT of food (got several food babies, but survived). I did not go there to explore all of Langkawi, nor did I go there to buy booze (yes, it’s much cheaper in Langkawi than in KL). Instead, I had a relaxing weekend and escaped meanwhile from uni. If you ask me, Langkawi is definitely a place I will visit some day again!  

Richie Hug

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