Bhainsrorgarh Fort Hotel

Bhainsrorgarh Fort Hotel

Bhainsrorgarh Fort Hotel The Palace, Bhainsrorgarh, Via Kota Bhainsrorgarh, Rajasthan 323304 India Bhainsrorgarh Fort Rajasthan Heritage Hotels Drone Video. Towering above the sparkling River Chambal, places on steep ridge around 200 feet high is Bhainsrorgarh Fort, known for its splendor and breathtaking location. One of the most popular heritage hotels of Kota, this fort hotel is known for offering impeccable hospitality and a royal treatment to its guests. Opened for the guests in the year 2006, this Bhainsrorgarh Fort heritage hotel has pristine atmosphere, a regal feel and serves best gourmet meals in its dining rooms and at alfresco dining area. This hotel has been awarded Best Heritage Hotel in India by Tatler Travel Guide, UK in 2008 and 2009.

We take to the skies with the eagles to give you some of the best Drone footage ever taken of a Rajasthan Fort. Even more special is the fact that you could be staying in this fort as a guest and enjoying the same stunning views from the forts ramparts. Sit back and me amazed at the reflection of the entire fort in the blue, blue waters of the Chambal River and imagine your morning coffee taken in one of the forts turrets - just as we did. We would love to see your comments and thoughts on the videos?


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