Camber Sands

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Camber Sands

DJI INSPIRE - CAMBERSANDS Camber, Rother District, United Kingdom. Flying the DJI INSPIRE over Cambersands, UK Pilot: Henry Bridges Cam Op: Leo Bund DCF Media Ltd. We are a small high-end Production company with all the creative & technical personnel that thrive on the continuous momentum of the fast changing digital film making formats of our industry.We currently support and supply Red Epic X's & Arri Alexa's Cameras - as well as wide range of Vintage Glass. This Includes Lomo Anamorphic's, Zeiss Super Speeds, and T2.1's Our Crew Include multi award winning Directors & Cinematographers, D.I.Ts and Camera Assistants. We offer full 'On Location DIT Support' Including Red Rocket systems and 4X4 Camera Support Vehicles, Mass storage & Transcoding. Our Aerial Division now supplies Octocopters - Pilot/Cam Op packages for both Red Epic's and Canon 5D Mk3's For Dubai Octocoptering please visit the below website: DIGITALCINEMAFILMS

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