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Cayo Arena Dominican Republic

Cayo Arena Dominican Republic. Paradise Island, whose real name is Cayo Paraiso or Cayo Arena, is a coral islet located in the Northwest of the Dominican Republic off the coast of Puerto Plata in Punta Rucia. Of incredible beauty, this little island is plunged in such a beautiful landscape that people think they are in a dream. Imagine sunning on a small island lost in the sea surrounded by white sands and crystal clear waters that you can visualize the background with incredible clarity, its colors ranging from turquoise blue to emerald green, well ... literally that is precisely this little kay called Parasdise Island. This sandy bank that is frequently visited by hundreds of tourists, is a jewel of nature, a true paradise of the Caribbean. It is difficult to tell them the size of this cay because it shrinks and expands depending on the seasons of the sea currents. Cayo Arena is located in one of the driest areas of the Dominican Republic. Cayo Arena Dominican Republic - the best aerial videos

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