Cluj Napoca filmare aeriană

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Cluj Napoca filmare aeriană

Cluj Napoca filmare aeriană - Professional Aerial Drone Video 4K Ulta HD.Cluj-Napoca Romania Aerial Demo Reel for 2016 - Cluj Napoca aerial video AMAZING scenes from around Romania !!!! ... Amazing footage! Contact:Sergiu M. Popescu 4AM Media specializes in professional aerial cinematography and photography. Whether it is a feature film, promotional video, or aerial photography, 4AM Media will deliver a service and product that exceeds your expectations. Utilizing drones (remote controlled helicopters), 4AM Media can capture unique low-altitude angles in positions that cannot be accessed by manned aircraft. This allows for production of superior quality video and photos in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost. Why 4AM Media? Experience - 4AM Media’s pilots have over 1500 hours operating drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), that's more experience than many commercial airline pilots. This allows 4AM Media to fly complex and precise flight paths producing some of the most stunning aerial imagery in the world.Permits and Insurance - 4AM Media holds Special Flight Operations Certificates (flight permits) that allows us to fly almost anywhere in Europe, day or night. We carry an extensive $ 10,000 liability insurance policy.Equipment - Most of our equipment is designed and engineered in-house offering some of the best video stability in the industry. Our drones can easily fly in winds up to 30km/h, offering smooth and precise flight even in the most challenging weather situations.Reliability and Safety - 4AM Media started operations in 2013 and has flown thousands of commercial operations since with a stellar safety record. We have designed our fleet of drones with redundancies for all mission critical components and carry backups to ensure we are always ready when you are. Cluj Napoca filmare aeriană - the best aerial videos


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