Guarujá Aerials Praia Enseada

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Guarujá Aerials Praia Enseada

Guarujá Aerials Praia Enseada These are our first tests flying the DJI Phantom II with the 3-axis gimbal. The steadiness the gimbal gives the gopro in even the windiest conditions is impressive. Flying the Phantom at high altitudes is fairly easy and now we're getting to more articulated movements closer to ground. It has been interesting getting used to flying using the lcd monitor instead of looking at the drone - keeps directional decisions the same no matter which we the Phantom is facing. Location: Guarujá is located in the state of São Paulo, roughly an hour and a half drive from the city. We shot once at Enseada beach and once at Taguaíba beach. Settings used on Gopro3 Black edition: 1080p @60fps, set to medium 2.7k @30fps - only setting available is wide Shot with: DJI Phantom II w/H3-3D Zenmuse Gimbal Edited in: FCP 7 Music: 3-Horizons by YellowJacket

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