Kamojang Green Hotel

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Kamojang Green Hotel

Kamojang Green Hotel & Resort Aerial Cinematoraphy - Kamojang Green Hotel Spa and Resort, Garut Sukakarya, Kabupaten Garut, West Java, Indonesia is like a hidden Nirvana which is located in the highlands of Kamojang, a resort in Kota Intan Garut, also known as the “City of Pangirutan“, for visitors who never come and visit this city, would be captivated ..Kamojang Green Hotel & Resort Has a land area of nearly 6.5 hectares designed by the architecture and style of modern Sundanese village, surrounded by scenic mountains valleys of Kamojang coolness.Thick culture and atmosphere of “asa ngampung” (seemed ngampung) will be able to enjoy here. Jaipong dance lessons, introducing Sundanese arts and interact with the villagers with us.The weather temperature and typical aroma of the mountains will always surrounds of Kamojang Green Hotel & Resort visitor. Kamojang Green Hotel and Resort will bring a comfortable and quiet after your busy work.Gurgling sound of water and beautiful scenery will be able to see from bungalows that we provide to you and its all intentionally we represent that you are always feels like home.Perfecting the most beautiful moments with wedding party celebration at our dream resort. We provide several choices venues for your wedding concept.We provide the best events for gathering in Kamojang Green Hotel and Resort. We will always give and provide everything you need for a smooth event of your gathering.Meranti Meeting Room is one of the best places inKamojang Green Hotel & Resort which we have preparedspecially for your company. With the support of the cooland comfortable atmosphere, we are confident that yourevent will held and run smoothly. www.kamojanggreenhotel.com

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