Lamantin Beach Hotel

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Lamantin Beach Hotel

Lamantin Beach Hotel Saly Nord, M Bour, 2338 Saly Senegal. Lamantin Beach, visitez par drone le meilleur Hotel du Sénégal. 80 kilometres south of Dakar on the RN1, in Serere country, between the sea and the sacred forest of Bandia, the resort of Saly, which was founded in the 1980s, is the largest seaside resort in West Africa. At the end of the 15th century, Saly was a flourishing Portuguese port enjoyed by sailors liked for its pleasant climate and grand scenery. A succession of shallow sloping beaches is what makes the resort popular and the hotels built in the local style have respected nature with their superb flowery gardens, coconut and casuarinas trees for the enjoyment of holidayers. 

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