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Makoko Floating Town

Makoko Floating Town Drone flight over Makoko 'slum' in Lagos Makoko, Lagos Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria #TheCupcakeProject is documenting flights over interesting places across Nigeria.Makoko is a slum neighborhood located in Lagos, Nigeria. Its population was considered to be 85,840; however, the area was not officially counted as part of the 2007 census and the population has been estimated to be much higher (Wikipedia).Makoko is interesting because the community existed before the city of Lagos grew to meet and change it. the efforts to clear out Makoko have consistently treated the community as a deviant shanty, which is a false representation.Makoko's existence predates the city of Lagos. While the need exists to clean up the area and improve the lives of the citizens, the people's heritage and way of life must also be respected.

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