Michamvi Beach Zanzibar

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Michamvi Beach Zanzibar

Michamvi Beach Zanzibar. Остров Занзибар, Танзания, Африка. Местечко Мичамви Кайе, съемка с дрона phantom 4. In the southeast corner of Zanzibar, the Michamvi Peninsula and south-east Zanzibar is very similar in character to the east coast which stretches north of Chwaka Bay – and is covered on this site under East Coast Zanzibar. It has the same powder-white stunning beaches, barrier reef, palm trees and significant tidal change. In fact, that area south of the peninsular, around Paje, Bwejuu and Jambiani, used to be the busiest part of Zanzibar's beach scene – especially for backpackers. But in recent years low budget travellers have moved more to northern Zanzibar, around Nungwi and Kendwa, leaving this south-east stretch relatively quiet. This leaves the south-east as more of a low-key, low-impact beach retreat. www.expertafrica.com

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