Roatán West Bay Video Honduras

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Roatán West Bay Video Honduras

Roatán West Bay Video Honduras. Imagine escaping to one of the most magnificent beaches in the Caribbean, an idyllic destination tucked somewhere between tranquility and exhilaration…On the southern tip of Roatán Island, overlooking West Bay Beach, Grand Roatán Resort is a rare tropical gem that effortlessly merges authenticity with unmatched luxury and elegance. Stylish and sophisticated, this alluring Roatán resort is nestled between a pristine forest sanctuary and the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean. Guests enjoy 32 spacious oceanfront or ocean view suites with unparalleled beach sightlines and wade-in access to the Mesoamerican Reef — the world's second largest barrier reef — just 30 yards offshore.With its breathtaking coastline, luxury residences, five-star amenities and a sense of solitude that blends perfectly with its natural surroundings, Grand Roatán Resort welcomes you to enjoy the quintessential Caribbean lifestyle for a week or perhaps even a lifetime.Just 40 miles off the coast of Honduras, Roatán is the largest and most popular of the Bay Islands, and the home to our luxurious island resort. Surrounded by a living barrier reef, the island is approximately 30 miles long and up to four miles wide. It is easily accessible aboard nonstop and one-stop flights served by major airlines from North American cities as well as from Latin American and European departure points. Temptation Reef, Bay Islands, Honduras


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