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Schinia beach

Schinia beach Xiaomi Yi Camera on Walkera QR X350PRO Drone FPV. Schinias National Park, Leoforos Schinia, Marathon, Greece. Schinia Beach is the next beach north of Trani Ammouda after the ruins on its northern end. The beach is a few hundred meters long but narrow along the road and widens out where the road finishes. The sand is very pebbly but you can find sandy spots to put down a towel. The water is very clear and the seabed is sandy. This is very isolated spot since people don’t pass by, they come here because they know it exists. There are a few family run apartment complexes but nothing else. Restaurants can be found south in Ormos Panagias or in Agios Nikalaos.Travelling north from Ormos Panagias about 4 kilometres you will reach a road that turns off right to the beach. There is a blue collored sign to “Elisabeth apartments”. You will continue until you reach the sea and turn north or left. The road becomes a dirt road. Continue to the end and you have arrived at Schinia Beach. An in flight "review" of the Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera in a beautiful setting, the seaside forest of Schinias National Park, Greece on a warm day. Skip to 1:05 to see a curious woman and a dog trying to catch the quad. No post processing, just raw camera video used in order to show the recording quality. Watch it @60fps. Walkera QR X350 Pro drone was used with Walkera G-3D gimbal. Shot with Xiaomi Yi purchased from Bangood


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