The Best Drone Videos of the Week 2018 –  Semifinal

Ladies and gentleman,

we are pleasured to announce the 5th edition of the international contest for The Best Aerial Video 2018. The first one took place back 👉 2014 👉 2015  👉 2016 👉 2017 .

This year, 12 films, uploaded and verified between january and november 2018, will take part in the race.

👉 The contest will have two stages.

First one 👉 1-15 december is about voting for any nominated video. Only 6 videos will qualify to the second one 👉 most votes which will last until 31st december. Voting will be available from the 1st December and will end with the end of the year. In the January, the winners will be awarded with TWD brand T-Shirts, place for their video in “The best ever” gallery and, most importantly, with the title of one of the best UAV pilots and video creators. If you have not already seen videos contained here, feel free to do so and vote for your favorites. If you like the idea and the spirit of rivalisation in the Contest, remember to share it with your friends. Now it is much easier due to our social media buttons. Note that all the votes have their unique longins, the amount of votes is not visible until the 14th of December.
👉 We hope for your feedback! 👏