The Best Aerial Video of The Week 2019

For the sixth time we have the pleasure of the next edition of the “Best Aerial Video”award!

In this edition it will be our personal selection of the best aerial video 2019.

TITLE: Chasing Ferries in the Dark - Patras Hellas-Greece

AUTHOR: siou

RATING: 4.93/5 - 15x RATED


VIEWS: 805


Chasing Ferries in the Dark - Patras Hellas-Greece. Could not resist not capturing this sight under the specific time of the day...the Sunset! From my point of view chasing ferries is a quite demanding task since you have to deal with a dynamic type of shooting...
- 33 days recording
- 255 Gigabyte of footage
- 240 hours of editing Definitely it was a very challenging project that put many of my skills into the test. I hope you like it...
- Music: Tule - Lost