The Best Aerial Video of The Week 2019

For the sixth time we have the pleasure of the next edition of the “Best Aerial Video”award!

TITLE: Chasing Ferries in the Dark - Patras Hellas-Greece

AUTHOR: siou

RATING: 4.93/5 - 14x RATED


VIEWS: 765


Chasing Ferries in the Dark - Patras Hellas-Greece. Could not resist not capturing this sight under the specific time of the day...the Sunset! From my point of view chasing ferries is a quite demanding task since you have to deal with a dynamic type of shooting...
- 33 days recording
- 255 Gigabyte of footage
- 240 hours of editing Definitely it was a very challenging project that put many of my skills into the test. I hope you like it...
- Music: Tule - Lost