The Best Aerial Video of The Week 2019

For the sixth time we have the pleasure of the next edition of the “Best Aerial Video”award!

In this edition it will be our personal selection of the best aerial video 2019.

TITLE: An Aerial Showreel 2018 by Computerman

AUTHOR: telakos

RATING: 4.78/5 - 18x RATED


VIEWS: 18025

DESCRIPTION: An Aerial Showreel 2018 by Computerman - An audio-visual aerial cinematography trip of Greece's unparalleled natural beauty through breathtaking perspectives captured by drone. A puzzle of stories of fellow people with mental power that inspires and teaches us that with patience, perseverance, hard work and modesty we can do just about anything. Emerging Greek companies that innovate and produce. Collectives of people who throw away what set's them apart and embrace only what unites them. Creative individuals that fill our souls with sounds and images with their creativity and talents, reaching out to our deepest emotions. I hope this film will inspire you. Ένα οπτικοακουστικό ταξίδι φυσικής ομορφιάς μέσα από εναέριες προοπτικές που κόβουν την ανάσα. An Aerial Showreel 2018 by Computerman ⋆ TRAVEL with DRONE