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Thorndon Suffolk

Thorndon Suffolk United Kingdom The origin of the name Thorndon, traces back to Old English meaning 'Thorn Hill', coming from 'þorn' meaning a hawthorn-tree and 'dūn' meaning A hill. Throndon was first mentioned in the Doomsday book dating back to 1086, describing it as Hill where thorn-trees grow and having a population of just 46 people. It was also recorded to have two manors, the main one being owned by the Wulfeva family and the other owned by the Turchetal family. In 1337, the manor was owned by Robert de Ufford and All Saints' Church was added. In the 1870s, John Marius Wilson Described as: A parish, with a village, in Hartismere district, Suffolk; 3 miles S of Eye r. station.The church is ancient but good, and has been restored. There are a reformatory, a national school, and town lands. Thorndon is home to one church, All Saints' Church. Listed as a Grade II building since 1955, It displays exceptional 15th Century carvings on the front of grinning Lions and Angels crafted locally in the nearby town of Occold. The Boundaries of Thorndon, Suffolk have not changed, with the parish being located to the south of Eye.In the early 19th century, the only education people of the parish received was at Sunday school, as there were no schools in the parish until 1833, when an infant school was built. However in 1856, it was brought and turned into a reformatory by Sir Edward Kerrison. This is now owned by the Kerrinson Trust and has been turned into a conference centre for the parish to use. OnCloud Imaging is a provider of high quality aerial photography and videography, using pilots that are trained in accordance to CAA requirements and have relevant liability insurance. Providing our customers with a responsive service is at the heart of our business operations. We primarily operate in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgshire, however will consider assigments outside of this area. We will work closely with each client to ensure OnCloud Imaging fulfils and exceeds expectations, we cover a wide range of applications, including Architects, Surveyors, Estate Agents, Advertising, Agriculture, Sport, Forestry and much more. Please contact us to discuss your aerial imaging needs.

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