Xinghaiwan bridge

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Xinghaiwan bridge

Aerial view of Xinghaiwan bridge 航拍大连星海湾大桥 Hangzhou bay bridge, the beipanjiang river extra-large bridge, lijiang jinsha river bridge... Today, a growing number of world-class technical difficulties of Bridges, marked by "made in China" brand, showing the "technical flow" of the Chinese bridge construction. Today, along with XingHaiWan bridge officially opened to traffic, which have multiple "domestic initiative" will also be a complete "beautiful" - the first sea anchor block of suspension bridge, the first domestic double steel truss girder suspension bridge, the domestic most single section steel truss girder hoisting record for the first time, the world's heaviest concrete caisson anchorage, bare rock geological, planting pile pile foundation construction technology development and application of... Implementation of these various innovation in dalian sea not only form a quick access to sea, will also after the technical promotion, power around the world "erected a bridge", implemented in more "moat allows".In 100, the use of base period, this is the life of the bridge to your own design, and this naturally need solid plate and foundation. For more solid bridge, bridge, the twin towers on both sides of the anchorage is equipped with two large "room", weighing 26000 tons of large caisson, as the foundation, the two anchorage will firmly in the large "room".

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