Hutiaohe Bridge Video

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Hutiaohe Bridge Video

Aerial view Hutiaohe and Hutiaohe Bridge


Panxi, Liupanshui, Guizhou,China/Hutiaohe Bridge 虎跳河大桥 Sanbanqiaozhen, Guizhou, China 686 feet high / 209 meters high 738 foot span / 225 meter span 2009 Hutiaohe bridge,total length 1958 meters beam bridge,has four main span each 225 meters. High 209m from deck to water,tallest pier 150 meters tall,it’s one of the largest beam bridges in the world,belong G60,Shanghai to Kunming expressway. Located in Yingwuxiang,Panxian county,Guizhou.Interesting, along this bridge,there is Shanghai to Kunming highspeed railway Hutiaohe bridge parallel with it,and a railway station build on that 4 track lower railway bridge. One of the largest concrete beam viaducts in the world, the remote Hutiaohe Bridge is largely overshadowed by its two higher and more famous suspension bridge cousins to the east. Together these 3 bridges are the largest crossings along the 300 mile (483 km) Kunming to Guiyang highway which opened in 2009. It is one of just two highways in the world to have 2 bridges among the world’s 10 highest. These include the Balinghe and Beipanjiang (2009) bridges. There are several other “smaller” bridges 328 feet (100 meters) high as well as numerous tunnels and viaducts.Stretching 6,424 feet (1,958 meters) from end to end, Hutiaohe consists of 4 colossal spans of 738 feet (225 meters) that seem to dwarf the buildings of the small town below in much the same way as the Wujiang River Viaduct does on the highway between Guiyang and Zunyi in the same province of Guizhou. Pier number 7 is one of the highest in China measuring 492 feet (150 meters) from the top of the foundation to the underside of the box beam girder. The deck is exactly 200 meters high to a full reservoir or 209 meters to the original river surface. 作为世界上最大的混凝土梁高架桥之一,偏远的虎跳河大桥之名,却被其东侧不远处的两座更高、更著名的悬索桥兄弟的盛名所掩盖。这三座大桥同样都是2009年开通的长达300英里483米的从昆明至贵阳的高速公路线上的大、高的三座大桥。这条高速公路也是能拥有世界前十高度桥梁中两座的公路线之一,其中就有坝陵河大桥和北盘江大桥(2009)两座,当然该线路上还有很多100米高的“小”桥和许多隧道、高架桥等。 全长1958米虎跳河大桥有三个巨大的225米的大跨,俯视着其下小镇上矮小的建筑,这一幕就像是在贵阳至遵义的高速公路上的乌江大桥与其下不远处的小镇一样。7号桥墩从箱梁梁底到基础的高度达150米,是中国桥梁的墩柱最高之一。