The Best Aerial Videos 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to present to you the Top 3 videos received from UAV pilots in 2016. In early December, we presented you the final list of 39 videos, selected among „The best videos of the week” You had opportunity to vote for individual videos one time, you have given over 100 thousand unique voices. We are glad, that our contest has gained so much interest from people who visited our site in December.

We would like to thank all the people that have their impact on our contest. Huge congratulations to all of the creators taking a part in competition. 

We are pleased to announce that the title of the best aerial video of the 2016 on goes to,

chosen by your votes :

"Fantastica Sardegna 2016" by Terramagika

(18 124 votes)

Ladies and Gentlemen ; we are pleased to announce the third edition of the competition for the best aerial video on This year edition, the part in competition is taken by about 40 clips submitted to us from January to November 2016. These are 40 incredible films you can know from ”the movie of the week”. So there are films of authors from the following countries : Qatar, Greece, Australia, Indonesia, Italy, Turkey, New Zealand, Romania Thailand, France, United States, Jordan, Vietnam, Germany, Barbuda, Spain, Kurdistan, Norway, China, Czech Republic, Mexico, Iceland, and more. As you can see, voting in the contest will be possible from 1 December to midnight 31 December 2016. The contest will have two stages. First one (1-15 December) is about voting for any nominated video. Only 12 videos will qualify to the second one, which will last until 31st december.

Creator of the best video will be announced and awarded in January. We will also draw some prizes among those, who sign up to our newsletter. So if you hadn’t already seen videos included here, we encourage you to watch them, and then vote for the movie that you liked the most, then subscribe to our newsletter. The first stage of The best aerial video on competition is over.You have voted over 36 800 times, and we are very thankful for your activity, but remember that there is the second stage!

We want to also thank our partners and of course creators of these videos. We are glad that our competition has attracted so much attention.Two clips particularly attracted the attention of the audience, and gained more votes than all of the other videos combined. We are pleased to announce the 12 best aerial videos of this year. You can vote for the very best until 31 December (As you could realise there is a timer counting down time left) All the clips that did not make it to the second stage are still avaible on our site. Award in this competition is of course the title of the Best Aerial Video of 2016, special place where new visitors will surely check out your video, money prize - 100 Euros and our brand T-Shirt (the second and the third place will be awarded only by T-Shirts).

If you like contest show it by sharing the most entertaining clips provided by UAV pilots from around the globe to your friends, using our social buttons. We want to encourage you to promote our contest on your social network sites or share this information with your friends, and invite them to visit our website and vote for your video. And remember, soon our website will Provide the opportunity to build your own profile and share your aerial photos! Join us and enjoy!