Rules inserting footage



1.Try to name your video according to the place where it was shot. If this is the one place, put the name of the place in title, if it is made in few locations, add a brief description.

2. Give us the names of geographical places, we are interested ONLY in geographical names.

3. Do not change native names of location. Try to write in original language, our moderators will change the title if they consider that it is necessary.

4. Do not use conjunctions in the titles and do not use capital letters – if you do so, we will delete them

5. Write in your own language! Our moderators will change of title if it is necessary. We kindly ask you to add descriptions to the film, only a well-placed tags provide visibility on the web.

6. The film which includes footage of more than one location, will be placed in the dedicated video base and should be marked „showreel” – it will not have its own marker on the map..

7. Each video, before it hits the map have to be approved by a moderator, in case of wrong title.

8. Any content you insert is your responsibility, if you copied text which are not yours, please give the credits back

9. The video must CONTAIN at least more than 75% of scenes filmed from the air!

10. The UAV engines should not obscure soundtrack!

11. The video needs to be taken by a drone (not of a drone), be of high quality and Clearly show the area in Which the drone flies.

12. The film may not be advertising the institution, relationship, or any other organization.

13. Our website does not store your movies, we are only sharing your videos from servers of Vimeo, YouTube and Dailymotion

14. If you have fulfilled all the above conditions then your video will be published on our website up to 48 hours!

15. We have the right not to publish your video if it is not fulfilling specific conditions or/and the quality is unsatisfactory. If your video is not in the database (over 48 hours) please do not ask why.


Bonus :  As a bonus for collaboration – If the movie you upload contain backlinks to your travelwithdrone profile, we are going to approve links to your pages on your profile.

TWD Team