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Can You Travel the World Without Leaving Home? Thousands of aerial videos stored in one place! The drone operators from all over the world in one place, check it out! There’s no better place for the creators of aerial videos – you can create your own account, upload more media, change your profile picture, description, links. Air perspective maps google – the highest constructions in the World by drone view. Air view Google maps – footage like you’ve never seen before. Aerial perspective imagery by drone. The drone videos in this compilation were captured by various types of quadcopters. Travel the world by -fly best travel map. Google drone map that delivers you anywhere in the world. None of the videos on our channel would exist without our awesome community, thank you everyone who is involved! Thank you for following , please check the our awesome database of aerial videos and join us today !

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In just a couple of years, aerial footage has managed to change the face of the travel market completely. Promotional texts and photo stills are just not enough anymore to attract potential clients. Videos have proved to be much more engaging and appealing. Then came a new era of drone videos that gave clients a possibility to visit practically any location around the globe without ever leaving their couch. Our website offers you to watch aerial videos and travel anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home! 

Let everyone see your incredible drone flying videos is more than just one person posting footage. It is a community of travel and quadcopter enthusiasts sharing their amateur drone aerial videos. Anyone who has a drone with a camera can do it! Create a personal account, upload your unique content, add a catchy description and links. Our members use the best drones on the market to make high-quality footage that truly wows. Join the community and put your video on our travel map!

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Each year we choose the best aerial footage. Who knows, maybe this year that could be you! Just fly your favorite drone next time you are on vacation and submit your exclusive drone footage. You can add your drone video in a useful way using the form and also submit it as the best movie of the month. Browse our extensive database and vote for the aerial video that in your opinion deserves to win. We care about your opinion.  

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It doesn’t matter if you are a proud quadcopter owner with an artistic flare or just lack finances to trot the globe as much as you want. is the place for you! We post new drone videos regularly to make sure you get access to the most incredible landscapes on Earth. See the world from the bird’s eye-view with our aerial video website!