The Best Aerial Videos 2016


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Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to present to you the Top 3 videos received from UAV pilots in 2016. In early December, we presented you the final list of 39 videos, selected among „The best videos of the week” You had opportunity to vote for individual videos one time, you have given over 100 thousand unique voices. We are glad, that our contest has gained so much interest from people who visited our site in December.

We would like to thank all the people that have their impact on our contest. Huge congratulations to all of the creators taking a part in competition. Videos which qualified to contest, but did not get any place are still avaible below the page.

The winners are requested to contact us via email!

(Terramagika/World&Drone/Matador Network)


We are pleased to announce that the title of the best aerial video of the 2016 on goes to, chosen by your votes :

„Fantastica Sardegna 2016” by Terramagika

The second place is taken by by the video that gained 17 215 votes:

„Skogafoss waterfall” by World&Drone

The third place video, which gained a lot of your votes (11 249) :

„Petra From The Air” by Matador Network



Nominations of the best of 2016


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