Wuzuohe Bridge Video

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Wuzuohe Bridge Video

Aerial View of Wuzuohe Bridge


Yinazhen, Guizhou, China/Wuzuohe Bridge 武佐河特大桥 Yinazhen, Guizhou, China 738 feet high / 225 meters high 1,247 foot span / 380 meter span 2015 Wuzuohe bridge, 380m span and 225m high cable-stayed bridge,tower 214m tall. Located at the border of Zhijin and Nayong county,Guizhou,cross Wuzuohe river. This bridge’s beautiful not because of it’s size,but it’s location: it located within four river’s joint point,and because there are a reservoir beneath it, nearby water surface become a very tortuous, waves green lake. Looks very like Golden Gate Bridge’s location.From this bridge can seen parallel 220m high Wuzuohe railway bridge. The Wuzuohe Bridge is a welcome site along the G76 expressway as it is just one of only 3 cable stayed or extradosed bridges on the 2,192 kilometer long highway that is otherwise filled with more then two dozen of the world’s highest concrete beam bridges. The gargantuan Chishi Viaduct and the nearby Longjiang Bridge are the only other non-beam spans along the entire route. The 380 meter main span of Wuzuohe crosses the mouth of the Wuzuo River just 200 meters from its junction with the giant Liuchong River. Measuring 1.46 kilometers in length, the span configuration of Wuzuohe is 13×40 +178+380+178 +5×40 meters. The two piers measure 214.6 and 204 meters tall. The equally high Wuzuohe Railway Bridge is located 5 kilometers upstream of the G76 crossing. 武佐河大桥位于贵州织金县和纳雍县交界,横跨武佐河。为桥面高225米,主跨380米­的斜拉桥,两座桥塔分别高214米、204米。这座桥的奇妙之处,不在于其规模,而在­其位置:正好坐落于四条小河交汇口之上,因为下游水库的存在,桥下形成了曲折幽深、绿­波荡漾的湖泊,该桥正好横跨两处湖面的连接处,连接湖湾两岸秀丽的山峰。这种奇特地形­,和旧金山著名的金门桥类似,没发现过其他这种位置的大桥。当然此桥跨度不及,但桥面­高度远超,周边风光似乎也略胜一筹,有视频和下方链接的资料为证。在这桥上能看到临近­与之平行的武佐河铁路桥,也有220米高