Aethria Hotel Limenas

Aethria Hotel Limenas

Aethria Hotel Limenas. The unique island of Northern Greece. The emerald of Aegean where beautiful coral beaches meet the green mountains covered with pine trees, composing extraordinary scenery. Thassos history begins very early in ancient Greece acquiring great cultural value. Hotel Aethria has taken its name from the ancient name of Thassos. It means “island with wonderful weather and healthy climate” both of which still exist. Our hotel is located in the town of Thassos, Limenas, built in a garden of total area of 11,000 sq. meters, including a children’s playground, tennis court, parking area, swimming-pool and pool-bar where you can enjoy the sun sipping exotic and refreshing cocktails.  Thassos is the northern Aegean island, which distinguishes for its incomparable natural beauties. It combines the green of the pine and olive trees, with its golden sands and emerald sea. Thassos is located just across the shores of Eastern Macedonia. It is 18 nautical miles from Kavala and 6 miles from Keramoti and Kavala Airport. It belongs to the disrict of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Thassos impresses every visitor with its traditional settlements. The archaeological sites of Thassos reveal the glorious history of the island at the time. The beaches and the natural beauties of the island will leave you unique memories.

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