Kauai 2014 Video

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Kauai 2014 Video

Kauai County, Hawaii, United States/I absolutely love Kauai. I'd call it my second home. I decided to bring along my drone and do some flights and captured these moments.On the technical side: I used the DJI phantom 2. 3 axis Zenmuse gimbal with the additional extended landing skids add on.Go Pro was set to 2K video mode and narrow. I used an FVP set up as well as the iOSDmini for the monitoring and data info. I never once lost site of it and hardly had any break up issues. In post, I actually didn't do much more than just apply a very small amount of color correction. I wanted to just go ahead and let the camera and drone do its thing and what you see is what you get.No stabilization was done in post either. You will see some Jello effects and in some cases I had some high shutter rolling through the image which I didn't put up.Some of the locations were extremely windy, but I'm really quite surprised by the how stable it came out. Thanks to special camera service () for arranging the phantoms. Also thanks to trip pro () for the upgrades and knowledge.

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