The Best Aerial Video of The Week 2019

The Best Aerial Video of The Week 2019

For the sixth time we have the pleasure of the next edition of the “Best Aerial Video” award! Each user will be able to upload their best video of the month at any time, twice a month, up to 11 a year. The last day of each month, at least one recommended video will be nominated for the Best Aerial Video 2019 Award. Films without nominations will be placed on the subpages of their creators. You can add your video in a useful way using the form and also submit it as the best movie of the month. The videos sent in December this year have a chance to take part in next year’s Awards.

Before you add your video to the contest site, you must put it on: here
If your video was moderated on the contest site, it may have violated the rules (check)

Attention! Share links only from the bar below the video!


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