The Best Aerial Video of The Week 2019

For the sixth time we have the pleasure of the next edition of the “Best Aerial Video”award!

In this edition it will be our personal selection of the best aerial video 2019.

TITLE: Phyle Fortress seen from above


RATING: 4.84/5 - 25x RATED


VIEWS: 1077


Phyle Fortress seen from above - Castle of Phyle in Attica . Φρούριο Φυλής Παραγωγή . Drone as. The ancient fortress of Fylis is located on the northwest slope of Mount Parnitha, at an altitude of 850 meters, about 10 kilometers northwest of the modern village of Fylis. It is one of the many frontier fortresses built by the Athenians in order to control the roads that led to Attica inland. The fortress of Fylis, dating back to the 4th century, is strategically positioned as it is on the most direct, though not the easiest, road connecting Athens with Thebes. The irregularly shaped wall embraces the eastern side of the hill. The western side of the hill is so steep that it did not need to be surrounded by a wall. The top of the hill offers a great view of the city of Athens. The steep rocks there were smoothed out to create space quite flat to accommodate buildings. These are accommodations and buildings that served the daily needs of the guard who lived there on a stationary basis. From these buildings only the foundations have survived. Follow me; on instagram drone_as