Barboursville Ruins

Barboursville Ruins

Barboursville Ruins - Barboursville Vineyards – aerial Mansion Road, Barboursville, Virginia, United States. The estate of wine which Thomas Jefferson foresaw taking root in his own ground at Monticello would far from disappoint him to discover here at his friend’s plantation, for whom he designed the historic landmark mansion. That construction commenced in 1814, while James Barbour held office as Virginia’s Governor, and was completed in 1821, as Casa Vinicola Zonin was being founded in Palladio’s home province, the Veneto. The assimilation of this plantation within the viticultural traditions of the Zonin family has conferred upon our work a heritage of agricultural passion and purpose through 8 generations.The entire estate is open for tasting our wines in a stroll or in a picnic, and our informed and enthusiastic hosts conduct tastings continuously in the Tuscan Tasting Room, every day of the week, and in Library 1821 on weekends. The Tasting Room is where the broadest range of our current vintages is introduced, while the Library 1821 presents a changing selection of flights of older vintages from our cellars, and with bite-sized culinary pairings designed by our chefs. Every encouragement is given, also, to enjoying our wines in the truly splendid lawns surrounding the historic Landmark Ruins of Thomas Jefferson's mansion for Governor James Barbour, a pleasant stroll away. But Barbour would simultaneously pursue a lifelong career of public service, of which his statutorily limited single term as Governor of Virginia (1812-14) was but one of many leadership posts which politics conferred upon him, based upon a well-deserved trust earned in the Virginia House of Delegates (1796-1812). 

Shot with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision + by Jason Tesauro. Barboursville Ruins - the best aerial videos

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