Playa de Mónsul

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Playa de Mónsul

Playa de Mónsul, Almería Province - The most famous beach of the Nature Reserve, having appeared in many films and commercials. This beach owes its uniqueness to the lava formations eroded around it, the beauty of its fine sand and its crystal clear water.Nowhere in the Nature Reserve is best reflected the volcanic origin of it, the rocks surrounding the beach Mónsul are huge tongues of lava reached the sea and the wind and water have eroded to form this beach and carve this diamond of the Mediterranean Sea. In the center of the beach we found a huge rock that the nature has left whimsically amid the sand, this is a refuge for swimmers in the hottest days to take shelter in its shadeAs like other reserve beaches, Mónsul is a pristine beach, so you will not find where to buy drinks, you must go prepared and be respectful of the environment to preserve the beauty of untouched beach. Its beauty seduces visitors, as happened to the director Steven Spielberg that decided to use this beach, and other locations of Almeria, to film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade among other films.


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