Qeshm Kite Beach Southern Iran

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Qeshm Kite Beach Southern Iran

Qeshm Kite Beach Southern Iran - You Must See Iran. Beautiful Qeshm Island In Southern Iran. Video By BAHADOR HADIZADEH. Naaz islands are two tidal islands which located in Persian Gulf, in the seashore of Qeshm island. In low tide, the intertidal zone of Qeshm is a part of coastal landmark and in high tide the littoral zone is submerged and two hills are appeared. The residents of Qeshm island come to the south shore at weekends; in low tide; drive to the two tidal islands. Youngsters take turn to drift and show off their cars. Families come to watch and they sing and dance and enjoy the view. Qeshm Kite Beach Southern Iran - the best aerial videos

Bahador Hadizadeh