The City of Greenbush

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The City of Greenbush

The City of Greenbush (Preview) Minnesota, United States This short reel is a preview of what is soon to come (this fall, hopefully)! Greenbush, aside from being the town I grew up near, is a gorgeous city; and this hazy late-August morning really brings out its cool colors! Sit back, relax, and enjoy an aerial tour of small- town life Greenbush-style!For those of you watching who are from Greenbush, or who own businesses in Greenbush, I apologize if I didn't catch your property/business in the video. This is only a preview of a more thorough video I plan to make later on, so there's still a chance your places will be seen!Thank you for watching and feel free to subscribe for more aerial footage! Pilot: Steven Hlucny Song is Relapse by Overwerk Please note that extreme safety precautions were taken to reduce the risk of human or property damage during the making of this video

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