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Port Korcula

Port Korcula Aerials from Korcula, Croatia Inspired by my love for the outdoors and all things wild, I’ve set out to capture the beauty of the natural world. With degrees in biology and environmental science, I’ve spent the last few years travelling across the globe working on numerous conservation projects. These trips often lead me to some of the most remote and spectacular locations on the planet, providing wonderful opportunities for me to pursue my passion of photography. As a biologist, my connection with nature is a deep-rooted part of my identity, and it fuels my passion for conservation. I love the element of the unknown when shooting wildlife. I live for those precious moments when hours of patience and determination result in breathtaking photographs. Humans are predictable, controllable, and, well… let’s face it, not nearly as cute as baby penguins. This is why I find myself drawn to the corners of the earth to capture the beauty and splendor this world has to offer. If there’s one thing I’ve taken away as a photographer, it’s that the magic of the natural world is all around us. The reward, however, comes to those who are patient. Korcula port is located in the very centre of Korcula Town, right on the western edge of the old town of Korcula. It is on the easy walking distance to all important buildings and attractions of this medieval town. .Most of the large cruise liners actually dock just outside of the port in the area of Sveti Nikola (see photos here) and ferry passengers into the main port in their orange and white tenders. (See QE2 docking in Sveti Nikola, Korcula)Smaller cruise liners, like the one on the right photo, dock in the Port itself. Walking around the port as well as the town is easy, you don’t need to use public transport. Most of the Old Town is pedestrian-only area. Here are some maps of Korcula for you to print if you wish.Small Visitors Information Centre is right on the seafront in street Obala Dr Franje Tudjmana bbKorcula Town is the main town and port on the island. It has population of just about 3000 people. Due to its numerous buildings and monuments, cafes, hotels, restaurants , galleries, cinema etc the Town is very popular for visitors as central location from which they explore the rest of the island.The port can be, especially in summers, pretty busy with smaller and larger ships and boats. www.korculainfo.com

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