Polska & Ukraina – Historia z Drona

Polska & Ukraina – Historia z Drona

Polska & Ukraina - Historia z Drona - Польща та Україна - Історія с воздуха - Poland & Ukraine - History by Drone. The “Poland & Ukraine. In the Wake of Historical Heritage” project consists of 100 short aerial film productions depicting architectural monuments that were created in the period of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The series of short documentary films will be screened in Ukraine. A Polish-Ukrainian team consisting of historians, journalists, writers, non-governmental organisations and youth joined forces to create the films. Project was financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland. Polska & Ukraina - Historia z Drona - the best aerial videos

Project implementation:

- Europe-East Integration Association ( www.siew.org.pl)
- Polish Institute in Kyiv ( www.polinst.kyiv.ua)

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